Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Phelps-A-Thon Raising Money for Equality

The Westboro Baptist Church AKA "God Hates Fags" will be protesting at several venues in the coming weeks. Most of their protests are geared at highschools simply because they have a gay-straight alliance to promote diversity and respect for LGBT students on campus. For every minute they protest, equality minded people worldwide will be donating to the Phelps-A-Thon.

Upcoming Phelps-A-Thon:

Elton John Concert
May 14th
St. Louis, MO

Omaha North High School
May 16th
Omaha, NE

Omaha Central High School
May 16th
Omaha, NE

Omaha South High School
May 17th
Omaha, NE

University of Miami Law School
May 17th
Coral Gables, FL

Key West High School
May 22nd
Key West, FL

Please goto Phelps-A-Thon to select one of the locations above, or to report about where Phelps is going next.


CrackerLilo said...

Picking on kids is disgusting, and practically anyone besides, ironically, the "pro-family" and "pro-child" right-wing activists will be on the students' side. Thanks for the PR gift, Phelps family!

Anonymous said...

This man is sick. I really feel bad for someone this disillusioned. Nothing he is doing has anything to do with Christianity in anyway. He is vain and cruel.

Michael said...

The pro-bullying and pro-harassment Phelps' clan should stay home and worry about their own sins.

Even the Bible makes it clear that revilers are going to hell.

DrDeb said...

Yes, as you noted above, they're coming to South Florida tomorrow:



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