Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Call for Intersex Writers to Share Experiences

The Board of Organization Intersex International (oii) is planning a book, to be written by intersex people about their own lives. Proposals are sought from individuals who are born with a variety of IS conditions.

Chapters can be about:
1. Your stories, your words, your voices, your lives.
2. How you feel current gender theory affects the intersex condition you were born with.

Writers may need to do some research, especially for the second chapter. Although this is not a formal academic exercise, where writers do refer to books, theories or incorporate quotations, but they will need to provide some form of reference so that when the book is edited these can be assimilated using a formal referencing system.

Those who want to contribute should put their proposals (say, a couple of hundred words) into an e-mail and send it to

Submissions will be evaluated by a small panel who will select which proposals to include for publication. Chapters may be co-authored. Anyone who wants to protect their anonymity can do that by clearly saying so. There is no reason for people to feel they cannot contribute for fear of being outed or identified!

This exercise is not restricted to OII members. All intersexed people are invited to submit a proposal. People of all cultures and all languages are welcome.

For more complete writer’s guidelines or more information click here.

H/T to Queer Stuff People Need to Know.

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