Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New Hampshire Senators Against Gay Marriage

Thanks to Blue Hampshire we know the on the record or predicted position of the New Hampshire senators with regards to tomorrows vote on marriage equality.

The following senators are either opposed or undecided and must be contacted. You can call or email them individually, or click here to email them all instantly with a generic message.

John Gallus 603-271-3077
john.gallus@leg.state.nh.us R Opposed

Deborah Reynolds 603271-3042
deb.reynolds@leg.state.nh.us D Opposed

Jeb Bradley Unlisted Unlisted R Opposed

Kathleen Sgambati 603-271-2641
kathleen.sgambati@leg.state.nh.us D Undecided

Bob Odell 603-271-6733
bob.odell@leg.state.nh.us R Opposed

Sheila Roberge (H) (603)472-8391
sheila.roberge@leg.state.nh.us R Opposed

Peter Bragdon 603-271-2675
peter.bragdon@leg.state.nh.us R Opposed

Peggy Gilmour 603-271-3569
Peggy.Gilmour@leg.state.nh.us D Undecided

Sharon Carson 603-271-2674
Sharon.Carson@leg.state.nh.us R Opposed

Sylvia Larsen 603-271-2111
sylvia.larsen@leg.state.nh.us D Undecided

Theodore Gatsas 603-271-2709
Ted.Gatsas@leg.state.nh.us R Opposed

John Barnes, Jr. 603-271-6931
jack.barnes@leg.state.nh.us R Opposed

Betsi DeVries 603-271-6933
betsi.devries@leg.state.nh.us D Undecided

Robert Letourneau 603-271-2118
robert.letourneau@leg.state.nh.us R Opposed

Lou D'Allesandro 603-271-2600
dalas@leg.state.nh.us D Undecided

Michael Downing 603-271-8630
michael.downing@leg.state.nh.us R Opposed

It is vital that each of them hear from of us as to why they should support marriage equality, let them wake up to an inbox full of messages in favor of equality.


Truthspew said...

All I can say is this, if New Hampshire gets marriage equality before RI I plan to go guerilla on RI legislators.

Anonymous said...

If we can get the undecided people on our side we would win 13-11

Antonio Licon said...

The 'click here' link above has '%20' in front of each email address. If you use it, be sure to remove all '%20's.

Thanks for the posting. Here is my letter to all:
Subj: I urge you to support freedom in America with your vote


Regardless of your personal position on the matter, whether due to religious beliefs or other factors, I hope that as patriotic Americans you will support the freedom of American citizens to marry the person they love, regardless of gender.

if your religious beliefs are against gay marriage, I ask you to consider the American right to freedom of religion afforded all Americans by the 1rst amendment. It is exactly this same American foundation, the one that allows you to practice your religion freely and unhindered by the state, that should allow any two adults the freedom to marry in the eyes of the state. No religion should have jurisdiction over a state marriage. If it did, would a Jew be legally able to marry a Christian, or Muslim?

A vote against this freedom based on religious belief sets a dangerous precedent against democracy, and is an offense to the freedom that allows you to practice the religion you choose.

I hope that if you were planning on voting against marriage equality that this has given you a new perspective. I hope this convinces you to vote for freedom, for America, for the Constitution.


Antonio Licon

Queers United said...

sorry for the %20, I believe it is because I left spaces between the email addresses when I posted. Can someone let me know if when you now click it, the emails all come up ok and ready to send?

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