Thursday, April 16, 2009

True Life: I'm An Asexual?

MTV a pop-culture station with music, and reality tv shows for those in the teen/young adult age bracket has a program called True Life, which is a documentary series covering a host of topics.

Topics range from heroine addicts, to gays getting married, and showcase the lives and stories of young people throughout the country going through an interesting struggle.

The show has been very inclusive of LGBT people but has yet to cover the topic of asexuality, as mentioned by some people on the asexuality forums.

Use MTV's True Life Topic Suggestions board to suggest a show advancing asexual visibility.


Anonymous said...

Please get tested for Aspergers Syndrome or high-functioning autism.

Cerberus said...

The author is a gay male.

I however am an asexual and autism and Asperger's in the asexual community is statistically insignificant from any other group. It's not correlated and making that assumption is false and scientifically ignorant.

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