Saturday, April 11, 2009

Help Elect Bud Martin to New Hampshire State Senate

Marriage Equality is on the horizon in the state of New Hampshire. House Bill 436 has passed by 7 votes, leaving only the senate to pass it and the governor to sign it into law. Democrats do control the New Hampshire senate, but must solidify votes to ensure the passage of this important and historic piece of civil rights legislation.

On April 21st there is a special election and we must elect Bud Martin (D) a marriage equality supporter to the seat.

He is quoted as saying in response to the House Bill 436:

"I support it, and I do because my experience tells me that it is important to our fabric as a community."

He also refers to a lesbian couple he knows for a long time and says "to tell them that they don't have that opportunity is something I can't personally do" (Blue Hampshire).

The Human Rights Campaign has volunteer opportunities for LGBT people interested in helping the Martin campaign, just email or give him a call at 202-280-5407.

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