Thursday, April 16, 2009

Say No to

Where was during the proposition 8 battle, where have they been on any efforts to fight discrimination against LGBT people? The so called "progressive" organization has been silent and refuses to represent our community.

We have had several action alerts urging Moveon to take a stand for marriage equality, to support LGBT issues. They have remained silent, likely due to their attempt to broaden their base.

If moveon doesn't care about queers, why should queers donate a penny to Moveon? There are tons of true progressive organizations, such as the Courage Campaign and the ACLU who do fight for our rights.

Let Moveon know that their refusal to support LGBT rights, translates into a loss of a powerful constituency. E-Contact Form


Anonymous said...

MOVEON is really behind OBAMA, a homophobe.

Anonymous said...

MoveOn sucks, I agree.

The ACLU has always worked hard for the rights of minorities, including LGBT people. Unlike MoveOn they emphasize people over politics.

planet trans said...

I remember when QU urged Move_on_our_wallets to stand up for us at critical moments, Move_on_your_wallet didn't say a peep until the fight was over then it was a move_on_your_wallet begging for scratch.
ACLU and Courage Campaign are two awesome allies.

LindaMarie127 said...

I don't know who this Organization is? Never heard of them? or about them. My concern is who is. And how they have thrown the Trans community to the Wolves and left Us fin for ourselves. Perhaps many,many of the young ones don't remember Stonewall and what is was about and Who it was that fought for you and why! Remember the saying: "Divide and Conquer"
If we don't stand together we fall ! We are not good enough to be a part of the Community?
But, Our Money is Good ! and they will take that and leave Us out in the cold? I don't know who or what this "" is?
But, I'm beginning to wonder who the Gay Community is too. For Us... or...against Us?

Anon said...

Um, MoveOn donated over $100,000 to support the fight against Prop 8. I'm not sure what you're talking about.

Kevin said...

According to "Follow the Donors", which compiled a list of all who made financial donations in support of or against Proposition 8, donated $19,986 against Prop 8...

Certainly better than nothing, though for an organization of MoveOn's resources and stature, and one based in California, it seems a modest contribution, and one made days before the election, quite late in the game.


Queers United said...

This is the first I see anything about Moveon fighting prop 8. They did not even publicly encourage their constituents to vote against, phone bank or anything.

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