Friday, April 10, 2009

Fair-Minded Iowan Legislators Stand Strong!

Resisting divisive attempts by the extreme right, the Iowa House blocked movement on a Constitutional amendment that aimed to take away the freedom to marry in Iowa. With your help, our fair-minded legislators stood strong, voting 54-44 to get back to work on issues of common concern to Iowa families!

Please thank ALL 54 fair-minded legislators!


Kepe123 said...

I'm so proud that Iiowa is now allowing GLBT to marry in their state. If a midwest state can approve this, then why is California having such a hard time with the courts to settle this for us that live in California. We should all have the right to marry who we want to marry no matter your sexual oriention

Anonymous said...

That's great news. But watch, those against the court ruling will go back to the courts and file suit that the ruling violates religious rights.

I heard the same shit in the legislative hearings in RI, how it would violate their Article 1 Section 3 rights. I contend that Article 1 Section 2 and Article 1 Section 5 are basis points for the argument for marriage equality.

Queers United said...

I think opponents will just go back and keep trying to scare the legislature into voting their way. I am afraid they might succeed and the issue will be brought to voters.

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