Monday, June 1, 2009

Two Short Films About Protecting "Traditional Marriage" in Response to Prop 8

Two short films, 'The Defenders', and 'The License' have been created in response to the Supreme Court of California upholding proposition 8 which allowed the majority to take away rights from a minority segment of the population. The films are by Keith Hartman and are a clever, funny, yet scary and accurate assessment of how dangerous proposition 8 is to the civil liberties of all Americans. The films question how far society will go to enforce "traditional marriage" and how much hypocrisy exists.


Rachel said...

i couldn't help laughing out loud at these videos, but then it begs the question why was i laughing? they're not really funny, if you think about it, because they're dealing with an incredibly serious issue. But at the same time they are hilariously funny because we would (HOPEFULLY) never live in a world (in the west) where virginity would be mandated and women could be stoned and men would have to trade goats for a wife. but it's so true that in the Bible homosexuality is equivalent to eating shellfish (in terms of how much of an "abomination" the two acts are).
unfortunately, conservatives and harcore Bible thumpers will likely never see the light of reason. they're very poignant videos though. excellent job.

Just a Dad said...

"if you can pick and choose, why not choose love?"

Robert Polzoni said...


Anonymous said...

Why are we not posting this on there websites. The AFA the ROCK AWAY chruch the one that belongs to that X FOOTBALLER dude.

That X NFL one who believes that Marriage should be between one man and one woman? Really he was at there STRAIGHT rally yesterday and told everyone that they need to get in the FACES of those who support same sex marriage and make them change there minds. This is a there tactic..."Were loving and caring...Now Change your mind DAMMIT"? Dont they use the same tactic on the so called X GAY camps?

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