Friday, April 3, 2009

Rallies Celebrating Iowa Victory Tonight!

Iowans are ready to hit the streets to celebrate the unanimous marriage equality ruling! Below is a list of rally locations in Iowa and one in New York (celebrating both Iowa and Vermont rulings).

Iowa Rallies:

Ames Rally
Friday, April 03, 5:30 PM
ISU Campus next to the Hub
Contact Matt Skuya at 515.314.0213

Cedar Falls/Waterloo Rally
Friday, April 03, 3:00 PM
Univ. of N. Iowa Maucker Union, Cedar Falls
Contact Kaitlin Corbitz at 319.610.7155

Cedar Rapids Rally
Friday, April 03, 5:00 PM
People’s Church Unitarian Universalist
600 3rd Avenue SE, Cedar Rapids
Contact Andrea Jansa at 319.360.8072

Council Bluffs Rally
Friday, April 03, 5:30 PM
Playland Park
2 North 40th Street, Council Bluffs
Contact Matt Skuya at 515.314.0213

Des Moines Rally
Friday, April 03, 5:30 PM
Western Gateway Park
13th Street between Grand & Locust @ 5:30 pm
Contact the One Iowa Office at 515.288.4019

Decorah Rally
Saturday, April 04, 10:00 AM
Winneshiek County Courthouse
201 W. Main St., Decorah
Contact Amalia Vagts at 563.382.6277

Dubuque Rally
Friday, April 03, 5:30 PM
920 Main Street, Dubuque
Contact Tina Sio at 563.564.6316

Iowa City Rally
Friday, April 03, 5:30 PM
Univ. of Iowa Pentacrest
On Clinton Street and Iowa Avenue
Contact Matt Fender at 646.752.5932

Mason City Rally
Friday, April 03, 5:30 PM
Cerro Gordo County Courthouse
220 N. Washington Ave, Mason City
Contact Matt Skuya at 515.314.0213

Quad Cities Rally
Friday, April 03, 5:30 PM
Davenport Unitarian Church
3707 Eastern Avenue, Davenport
Contact Ryan Crane at 402.659.8110

Out of State:

New York City
Day of Decision celebrating Iowa and Vermont victories!
Union Square Park
6:30 PM


Anonymous said...

Love it! Love it! Love it!

Anonymous said...

Congatulations IOWA, you are a true leader. Enjoy and celebrate. Wish I was there with you! Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

Alright Iowa!!!!!!! Y'all ROCK!!!

Miss you :(



Anonymous said...

San Diego 7 pm this evening, April 3rd

University Avenue and Normal Street

Judith said...

The Iowa City rally was a great time; hundreds of people were in attendance and it was all hugs and queer cheer. I walked around with the "happy gay cam," photographing the folks who showed up to celebrate. I'll have a gallery link soon, probably tomorrow :-)

Meanwhile, if anyone's interested in reading an article I wrote summarizing the ruling, it's here.

Anonymous said...

I am so excited for Iowa!!! Let equality ring!!

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