Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Urgent Action Needed for Civil Marriage Equality (S. 115) in Vermont

The Vermont house is poised to soon deliberate on the issue of same-sex marriage. It has sailed through the Senate and is likely to do very well in the house. It is essential that marriage equality receives a minimum of 100 legislators support to have a chance to override the threatened veto by Governor Jim Douglas.

The hearing was expected tomorrow, but there are now indications that deliberations may begin as early as today!

VT Freedom to Marry suggests a few steps you can take to support marriage equality in VT:

Spend the day at Statehouse on Thursday April 2! Arrive there by 9 a.m. Bring a book, bring a sandwich, grab a seat, and be ready for the S.115 debate.

Contact your Representative. If your Rep co-sponsored the House bill-- thank him or her for his support, and urge your Rep to hold firm in moving S.115. Click here for a list of Representatives.

Call and email Gov. Douglas to express your disappointment and urge him to change his mind. Ph: 802 828-3333 (toll-free in VT only: 800 649-6825) Email Gov. Douglas now.

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