Saturday, May 2, 2009

Open Forum: Media - Friend or Foe?

It doesn't take a brain surgeon to realize that the mainstream media does not lend much focus to gay rights issues. Even big news like the recent marriage equality rulings within courts and legislatures, one would still be hard pressed to find it mentioned on various news outlets. After some digging, maybe there will be a reference to it on some page, but rarely do these issues get brought to the main page.

The media tends to focus more on gossip aspects of gay culture/life like gay sex scandals, Miss California versus Perez Hilton, etc.

Is this just a change in times when news reporting is really just another attempt at ratings and not about disseminating real and accurate information? Is the media an ally in the fight for equality? On one hand by not discussing these wins, it allows for the gay rights movement to progressively win more states under the radar without public scare. On the other hand, we rely on media representation and discussion of our lives and issues to reach out to middle America with our mission. What do you think, friend or foe?

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