Saturday, May 2, 2009

Western Queens, New York for Marriage Equality Organizing in Oppostion to Senator Onorato

Activists in Western Queens and Astoria, New York are organizing to coalesce around the demand for marriage equality within the state. The efforts have come to fruition after the districts representative George Onorato (D) has pledged to vote against marriage equality for reasons of "faith" and being "old fashioned" and refuses to meet with constituents on the subject matter. As a representative, his job is to represent the people, his refusal to do so is outrageous!

Below is a video of Marriage Equality activist and his mother in Astoria, Queens who attempt to meet with Senator George Onorato who refuses to meet with constituents on issues pertaining to gay marriage.


1. Call Senator Onorato's office at 518-455-3486. Request a meeting with him to urge him to support Marriage Equality!

2. Sign this petition if you have not already done so.

3. Please join group on Facebook.

4. Attend first Meeting May 2nd, at 5:30pm. Full invite is below.

5. Encourage your friends to do the actions above.

WQfME/AfME Organization Meeting and Party

Saturday, May 2nd, 5:30pm
21-21 24th Street, Astoria
(b/w Ditmars and 21st Avenue)
RSVP Here or email

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Kelli Anne Busey said...

The denial by the Senators aid to schedule a conversation was outrageous. The shame is that the Senator is a Democrat. Freddie said it best 'we will rock you'!

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