Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ben & Jerrys Supported Vermont Veto Override

Walt Freese the CEO of Ben & Jerry's Homemade, Inc. a large ice cream company has come on the record stating his company supports marriage equality and they supported the override of the governors veto.

Freese and other business leaders in Vermont were arguing that marriage equality will help the Vermont economy.

"We're writing to you today because your vote to override the Governor's veto of S. 115, An Act to Protect Religious Freedom and Promote Equality in Civil Marriage, affects the ability of all businesses in Vermont to recruit the talented people we need to ensure the continued development of vital businesses; the kind of businesses like those we lead, which pay wages and have long futures in our state." (VtFreetoMarry)

Contact Ben & Jerry's to thank them for their support for LGBT rights and marriage equality.

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Give them a call at 802-846-1500 between 9:00 and 5:00 Eastern - Monday through Friday. Ask for Consumer Services.


Mewi said...

YAY I LOVE THIS COMPANY, GOOD ICE CREAM TOO. And its ironic that that guy is named "Freese" TEEHEE, My dad used to be a manager at an ice cream "plant"? is that what you call them? lol


Word Geek said...

Positive message sent, even though I heard Ben Cohen on the radio today, bemoaning what had become of the company under unilever, and the fact that they had not kept to the terms and he Jerry now have no control over anything they do, even though their names and faces are on the products. Still, any signs of decency are to be encouraged.

Helga Vonlunch-Box said...

OH that's good cause I like BEN & Jerry's...


'Helga Vonlunch-Box'

Anonymous said...

I loves me some ice cream! Even though
I get sick...I will still eat it...



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