Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair Lends Support to Gay Catholics

Tony Blair, the former Prime Minister of Great Britain is a recent convert to Catholicism. In an interview with Attitude magazine a British gay lifestyle magazine, Mr. Blair goes onto describe his disagreement with the pope on LGBT issues and calls for a more inclusive and liberal thought process within the church.

Blair describes a big "generational difference on the issue and that ordinary Catholics are more liberal-minded than their leaders"

He goes on to say that "we need an attitude of mind where rethinking and the concept of evolving attitudes becomes part of the discipline with which you approach your religious faith," Blair said. (Yahoo)

You can get in touch with Tony Blair at:

The Office of Tony Blair
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United Kingdom


Anonymous said...

Gordon Brown is the Prime Minister of England now.

Anonymous said...

It's true that there is a big generational gap and that ordinary Catholics are more liberal-minded than their leaders. I have many Roman Catholic friends (it's the majority religion in Spain) but only the senior ones share the position of the hierarchy about sex. Every Roman Catholic under 30 whom I know defends sex within unmarried couples and condoms. About homosexuality, some of them are supportive and some of them are haters, but as a secular position anyway, never relying on religion.

Queers United said...

anon thanks for the correction. isaac there are major shifts, we will see continued evolvement in religion.

Charlie Henss said...

I couldn't agree more with Tony Blair. But, as a new Catholic, he has a few things to learn about his Church.

Specifically, the Church doesn't care what its members think (especially under the current Pope). The Church promulgates the Truth, which is immutable (unless the Church says otherwise). Dialogue is not entertained, disagreement is useless, and extremely public disagreement can lead to excommunication.

If Mr. Blair wants to rethink traditional moral attitudes, he'll be much happier going back to being an Anglican. Unfortunately.

thehostess said...

Everything's better with an English accent. I'm not letting that first comment rain on my parade either...I bet Margaret Thatcher and Winston Churchill would buy a round of drinks at my wedding.

Anonymous said...

It's good to hear he's saying that. And I think he hit the nail on the head, talking about generational differences. Dinosaurs, get out of the way, because nobody under 20 gives an ass what sexual orientation you have.

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