Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Day of Decision/Meet in The Middle

Be prepared to get out onto the streets the day the California supreme court rules on the validity of proposition 8. Regardless of the outcome, thousands will be out to either celebrate or protest the court decision. The court will alert us 24 hours prior to their decision being made public.

For up to date information please goto Unite The Fight.

Please goto these websites to find info on where to meet:
Day of Decision

Meet in the Middle


g said...

I will be there and waving my ample arms at all that QUEER VISIBILITY

Anonymous said...

The court is playing a game here. Why is it taking so damned long for them to decide that the majority should never be allowed to overrule a court decision, let alone take away the rights of a minority?

Phillip Minton said...

I think it's sweet. They're giving us time to organize a response. ;)

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