Sunday, April 19, 2009

Shameless Self Promotion Sunday

Please feel free to share any links to queer or queer related topics of interest. You can post a blog entry you made, a website you found interesting. Anything goes as long as it is queer in nature.


T. R Xands said...

Just a couple of things that made me sad this week:


BiphobiaAnd anyone heard of the music of Adhamh Roland?Also on my twitter ( I spent most of the Day of Silence telling stories of my queer childhood...uh you'd have to dig through the tweets now though but it's entertaining.

T. R Xands said...

And...not sure why that second paragraph looks so weird but yeah.

Holly said...

I put a piece of yesterday about a new site from Focus on the Family called True Tolerance that they put up for the National Day of Silence; a site that uses hate speech and scare tactics to spread the message that "gay bashing" is really A-OK, as long as the people who are bullying, harassing, and tormenting the queer population are conservatives. It's pretty fucked up.

Here's the link:

Thank you so much for the opportunity to plug our work; I really appreciate it.

Nadia said...

I started blogging this week in order to rant about #Amazonfail...the most pertinent posts are and

And I agree with Holly--thanks for letting us plug! I need people to start reading my blog so I have an excuse to continue. ;)

Angelo Ventura said...

A blog specialized in gay art

Anonymous said...

On my blog, I posted yet more evidence that #amazonfail was not a glitch, nor was it an incident that began or ended on the weekend of April 12. Rather it apparently is part of an ongoing attempt by Amazon to exploit and discriminate against LGBTQ authors.

Anonymous said...

Check for events in your area for the day when the CA Supreme Court Releases its decision on Prop 8.

-It will be a Monday or Thursday
-Decisions come out at 10 am in the morning
-We will have a 24 hr. notice of a decision's release. (Fri for Mon, Wed for Thurs)
-Most events start at 6pm,
-Include a March & a Rally

We need to Be Heard, Be Seen, and Make a statement in a peaceful way. Please join us in your city, or one nearby.

BioGal said...

New blog post: Boris Johnson promotes English language for St George's Day & new High School Musical-style super-gay tv show with Jane Lynch!

Daily updates on my blog of fascinating news items pertaining to queerness, bodies, otherness, women, elderly rights, etc, etc. Come on over and take a look!

Big Love.

Tales from the other side of town said...

Gay Art Treasures:

Luclebelge said...

Gay Kosmopol in french



Seth said...

The Original Sethboyardee - still provided daily recommended servings of cuteboys and wacky journal of a slightly addled guy - now also comes in Sports flavor. For those with a slightly pervy fascination with sportsgear - warning - not for sensitive eyes.


Renee said...

Is Boycotting Jamaica the solution for the GLBT community: Looking at why a boycott of all things Jamaican may actually harm rather than help.

The Eagle The Flag, The Pledge Of Allegiance and Now Teabagging: Rachel Maddow breaks down the teabagging phenomenon ,

libhom said...

Here's my article on Rick Warren for the Blog Against Theocracy.

Anonymous said...

I’ve been reading a lot of queer zines –especially ones by transgender and genderqueer authors– and I linked to my favorites:

Queer ZinesThe creators think it’s important to preserve these zines “because of what they represented – a look at queers’ lives, stories, and histories that are seldom visible through mainstream media.” They also make for great reads: zines are usually very personal and sincere, poetic, and sometimes funny. Plus they delight the senses, with all the nice pictures and typography.

Family Fairness said...

With all the talk about the Prop 8 decision coming soon, I decided to take a worst-case-scenario approach and think about what would happen if the court ruled against us. As it turns out, there might be a silver lining to the cloud. I'm not sure how popular my opinion will be, but I decided to share my editorial anyway:

Why Losing the Proposition 8 Challenge in California Might Be a Good Thing

Ahuv said...

This week on my blog I wrote about some of the 70 countries worldwide that still criminalise homosexualty, focusing on Iran, Jamaica and Nigeria.
The youtube video:

Why Israel is the best nation to be gay at in the Middle East:

Anonymous said...

I've got one today...
What could be more painful than "a fate worse than gay"? Discuss with me!

Anonymous said...

PS-- Some GR8 links here today!!

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