Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tweet The Silence

Whether your school or workplace is participating in the Day of Silence or not, there is an online movement via twitter where you can help spread the word and participate!

From now, until April 17th The National Day of Silence, tweet atleast once daily about the DOS, and invite your friends to do so as well. Feel free to tweet about whats going on at school, or why the day is important to you with a hashtag of #dayofsilence or @dayofsilence.

Twitter has been an online force abuzz with social activism lately, most recently LGBT rights activists held amazon accountable through their hashtag #amazonfail which brought to light the de-ranking of hundreds of LGBT books.

If you are not an avid twitter user, this post likely won't make sense, but don't be frightened join twitter and get in on the fun. Lets continue to use the internet to our advantage to advance the cause of liberty and justice for all. Tweet the silence!

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T. R Xands said...

I'll be tweeting the silence Friday, all day do what it do. Everyone should!

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