Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Word of the Gay: "Queeriage"

"Queeriage" is a term used by some who want to distinguish between marriages performed for same-sex couples and opposite-sex couples. People who use the term may be opposed to same-sex marriage, or support the extension of rights and benefits of civil marriage but want a linguistic means of differentiating the ceremony from heterosexual marriages.


Word Geek said...

This still leaves the problem of what the equivalent of the verb 'to marry' should be. 'we got queered' is a bit ambiguous!
I'm in a civil partnership in the UK and we jokingly use 'civilised' - but again, the meaning is not always clear.

Anonymous said...

Cute word! I like it :)



ps. ssssssshhhhh :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! I guess there are as many words as there are people! :) Whatever they call it, let's see it happen across America!

Queers United said...

I'd like to just be married, if heteros wanna be heteroiage thats fine.

The Angry Fag said...

Why the need to invent a word for it? Marriage is the word to describe it.

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