Friday, July 17, 2009

Operation Equality Talks Now!

We are starting a new cyber campaign to bring the discussion of LGBT issues, people and rights to places that are traditionally opposed to equality on the basis of religion, culture or political ideology. It is through dialogue that we can hope to change hearts and minds and open people up to a different way of thinking.

The internet is a great way to spread the word, and engage in open minded yet powerful discussion about why we are demanding full LGBT equality.

What to do:

Join a popular message board, blog, or chat room and prompt conversation on issues relating to equality for queer individuals. Make your case in a respectful, non confrontational fashion and respond to those who reply.

Get the conversation started!

Post a link to the thread here, and invite others to join you in bringing the discussion to corners of the internet that largely don't discuss queer rights, or have a very one sided view on the matter.

Suggested places to initiate dialogue include but are not limited to religious forums, conservative websites, sports boards, ethnic/racial or community/city boards with a high population opposed to LGBT rights, etc. Any place you can think of is a good place to start conversation.

Equality Talks Now - be part of the change!


Queers United said...

My first post of dialogue is on a Christian forum in the ethics & morality section. I titled my post The Bible as a Tool for Gay Rights.

Airethilien said...

I will be hosting multiple threads on this wide topic on the forum of TransGender United:

Queers United said...

Airerthilien thanks for your commitment to engaging in dialogue on the issues. We are looking to branch out beyond community sites, TG United has members who are sympathetic to our cause. Our goal is to reach those who are opposed, or have been ignored by our voices.

Anonymous said...

I have registered and joined the Christian forum you posted too, just becauseI honestly don't have a spare moment to seek out my own forum. Is that all right?

LV Freeman

Airethilien said...

My goal is to unite those who intially oppose and the tg community, through openness and honest dialog. We are only a few weeks young, the conversations have yet to start, but it is by all means not an organization that aims on the TG community solely. It is meant to initiate a dialog.

Tina Cardone said...

Suggestions for logical arguments to those against LGBT rights based on religion.



Jeremy said...

I am proud of my gay brother and as a result of the recent political events I have decided to become more active in the LGBT community. He has a great blog that has been following the gay marriage fight in New York and around the US. He has email links to all the NY Senators so everyone can contact them with their questions and concerns. Check it out!

planet trans said...

Take the conversation to the ones who have been mislead. That will work.

Stand Firm
A neo right religious publisher for homophobic Episcopalians used my blog post as a launching pad for its bigoted rhetoric I joined them:)
I posted on their blog. I attended the breakaway Churches that left the American Church for the ultra conservative Argentinean southern Cone. Two Sundays ago I tried unsuccessfully to get Communion from their Bishop Iker at his Cathedral. But it's getting better. Slowly.
There was actual refusal of hatred by the members of Stand Firm when the Authors posted
"Fresh Hell: “Transgender” Curriculum for Churches" In response to the Task Force's IWR report "transACTION, a new curriculum designed for churches and religious institutions to help congregants and members understand and welcome transgender persons into their congregations and faith settings."
Members echoed the sentiment that Christians first and foremost must act like Christians.
Pretty Awesome stuff. I like to think that by my going to there awesome Church I've somehow helped.

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