Wednesday, July 22, 2009

'Kiss In' Tonight at San Diego Mormon Temple

The Empowering Spirits Foundation will hold the Love Unites Kiss-In, outside the San Diego Mormon Temple in protest of the recent arrest of Derek Jones and Matthew Aune who shared a kiss by the Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City. The church maintains that they can stop this behavior because it is private property, but hundreds have protested saying that the Church has not interfered with the many heterosexuals who goto the romantic spot to kiss.

This is a peaceful protest to show the LDS church not to persecute against love. They ask that supporters paint red hearts on their cheeks, foreheads, or wear paper hearts on your clothing.

Signs that are encouraged include: Love Unites, Free Hugs, Free Kisses, Love Knows No Boundaries, Equality for All, etc.

Date: Wednesday, July 22, 2009
Time: 5:00pm - 6:30pm
Location: San Diego Mormon Temple
Street: 7474 Charmant Drive
City: San Diego, CA 92122

RSVP via Facebook at Empowering Spirits.


Anonymous said...

Was there any mention that the behavior in question was not 'just a kiss' but closer to a full makout? Was there any mention that due to the use of alcohol the two in question became beligerent when asked to stop or move on thus prompting a call to the police? Was there any mention that when the police arrived the two in question became violent with the police?

It's easy to look up the actual details if you really wanted to.

Alex Wilhelm said...

Hi Anon,
Anyway, so two people kissed while a bit tipsy. Um, the cops? Can you not see the disconnect between crime and punishment here? Obiviously they were being punished for their sexuality.

I mean, its the f***** mormons, their doctrines for a long time said that African Americans were cursed by god. 'Scuse me if I do not take their bigotry kindly.

Anonymous said...

The protesters should dress as mormon missionaries.

Anonymous said...

Additional info:

Anonymous said...

Thanks Anon. for the insight. I looked up the details and sure enough, I would have asked any two people acting that way to leave or have some tact.

Anonymous said...

I have talked to quite a few middle of the road religious people who say gays should have the legal rights of marriage, but they have a hard time with the "marriage" word.

And yes, the common statement is that theys say that gays should behave as gentlemen, and not eg do tongue swapping in public. Which I am sure some gay people do out of a sense of "were here, were queer, get used to it" - a rebelliona against the hitlerite hatred against gay people.

But the mormons are a strange beast - they are so able to compartmentalize the hatred and murders that drove them out to the wild west years ago, while utilizing biblical hatred against gay people who are in relationships.

Why - because they are an all controlling church. My way or the highway.

While they forget that if the bible was interpreted litterally, nearly all of the people in the world would be put to death, or forced into some religions belief system - Hello, Iranian states of America.

brian said...

"Obviously they were being punished for their sexuality"

I am not sure you can make that statement. Neither you nor I were there but is there any evidence you can cite that is not anecdotal or based on assumptions?

Anonymous said...

I don't think Mormons are "utilizing biblical hatred" towards the gays. That's an odd statement to make. They believe the *definition* of Marriage should not be changed.

I happen to know some very Liberal, gay friendly, non-Mormons who also believe that the definition of Marriage should be one man one women. In fact, I know some GAYS that agree with that as well.

Why are we demonizing this one religion?

Queers United said...

I think you can argue that it is based on the sexuality because the Mormon church doesn't seem to stop straight couples kissing at that romantic spot. The Mormon church has had it out for us fighting us for years on gay marriage, protection ordinances, but we got a real wake up call with prop 8.

brian said...

As has been mentioned by two other comments the two in question were doing more than sharing a simple kiss. Can you point to other examples where the LDS church has forcibly removed gay couples from their property?

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