Friday, July 24, 2009

National Black Justice Coalition Defends Rev. Eric Lee

The National Black Justice Coalition an organization comprised of LGBT people of color and allies is standing by a reverend threatened for his outspoken opposition to proposition 8.

The Rev. Eric Lee's position as the Los Angeles chapter president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference is now being threatened by the national organization for his outspoken advocate of marriage equality. Dr. Lee was very visible during the battle to defeat Prop 8, and the SCLC has sought a hearing, demanding that Rev. Lee explain his position on the issue (Pam's Houseblend).
It's time to stop the hate and demand that the SCLC keep the Reverend, this form sent to the president Dr. Byron Clay of SCLC will send a strong signal that you believe LGBT rights should be part of the civil rights platform of the organization.


Anonymous said...

Christianity, more and more, is being exposed as being infected by irrational religious hatred.

It is up to the good Christians to get rid of the use of denigration of a minority to sustain their ideas.

For if you read the bible - the old testament - Leviticus - and apply it like the fundies like to do, but to all people who violate any of the rules.............

The great majority of humanity should be destroyed. Probably 99%

And people believe this ancient ignorance.

T. R Xands said...

Wow, come on SCLC, that's disappointing to hear from them.

I seem to be having a weird error sending my message though, this always seems to happen when I try to submit things through org sites X( I don't know it might have sent regardless...

Queers United said...

TR I am having the same issue, it is saying that the site email is full?

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