Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Arizona's Wingspan LGBT Center Needs Your Help!

The economic hardships are hitting all sectors of the economy hard, and have been a particular cause of hardship for LGBT nonprofits such as queer community centers trying to stay afloat.

Wingspan has been serving Tucson's LGBT community since 1988 and with the economic downturn has come drastic cutbacks for the organization. The LGBT and straight supportive communities would sorely miss this center and it's vital services if the door's close on it, which is a very real possibility.

The group is desperately seeking volunteers to take the place of former paid staffers and also looking for any and all donations to help them continue to serve the community.

If you have a few extra dollars, donate to Wingspan or your local LGBT Community Center.

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Nox said...

This is a good org that advocates and collects resources for all queer folks in the Tuscan area, and the only one I could find when I lived there. definitely a worthwhile cause if you've got the time efforts or money to spare.

Carol said...

Thanks for the post. The center is about half way to it's goal of raising $125,000 by Oct. 31. The community has rallied. But we aren't out of the woods just yet. Thanks for all the support to keep Wingspan's core programs going strong. The 24-hour anti-violence hotline has never gone down. Youth are finding support and community at the lounge. Groups still meet at the new, smaller center. And the Southern Arizona Gender Alliance is going strong with education, support groups and advocacy. www.wingpan.org for more. Thanks again.

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