Thursday, July 16, 2009

Australian High School Publishes Piece About a "World Free of Homosexuals"

Gay activists are outraged after Xavier High School, a Catholic school in Albury, Australia published an anti-gay piece by a former student in its alumni newsletter.

"Writing in a letter to the editor in the newsletter, former Xavier student Matt Price entreated “a world free from homosexuals”, who he said lived lives devoted to drugs and sex.

His letter called for businesses not to employ homosexuals, with Price revealing that he lobbies CEOs with his message.

Price, who claims to be a ‘cured’ homosexual, said his new ‘heterosexual’ life allowed him to “lead/heal my spiritual life in the way I was guided as a child"(SX News).
This letter to the editor should never have been published as it incites violence and gives credence to the dangerous and unsuccessful efforts by the "ex-gay" movement. This sends a horrible message to gay youth at the high school and reinforces negative self thoughts and can inflict unnecessary harm.

Urge the school to apologize for publishing this heinous piece.

Xavier High School
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Hugh Yeman said...

Aha! Snail mail: something I'm good at! I just sent my letter to Headmaster Powles. Will blog it tonight.

Anonymous said...

I just shared your blog via my Facebook after picking it up on Topix, so expect a lot of hits as my friends and family will all probably circulate it as well. If you can find and add the School Board address for Albury and any sort of Gay Rights groups we could provide copies of our letters to over there I will see if I can't incite an international uprising against that stupidity at the school. ;)


Ron Hager said...

It is one thing to have an advocate for the eradication of entire group of humans by a consummate bigot like Mr. Price, but it is another thing altogether when other people supposedly reverent towards their fellow humans endorse that call for eradication.

The school administrators and those responsible for publishing this call for a Nazi like final solution are sick demented evil beings and should be punished both publicly and privately accordingly. It would please me to no end if their family and friends were to disown them and if they never again were given positions of responsibility.

Anonymous said...

I disagree. I think a letter explaining exactly what life would be like without gay people. Take out all the positive contributions and let people see what life would be like.

more comment at

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Queers United said...

I think this school is ridiculous for not apologizing, free speech has limits. This is violent speak.

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,

I am the one who raised the story. I live in the area and was horrified to hear about this on our local news. My first great love was gay bashed and died. Back then some students from Xavier High School used to boast about gay bashing men in the local park at night.

The local news paper, the Border Mail (FairFax) ran a story supporting the school under the headline Wold of Sex and Drugs. This article said homosexuality is a world of sex and drugs and painted a nasty picture. It offered Matt Price up as poor man who has suffered for being a homosexual who is now cured. It then had another article vilifying Gary Burns, for requesting the school apologise and make a small donation to a gay charity.

For this they ran the headline "Gay Activist Wants Cash from School".

The paper used to be owned by a Catholic Family so any articles about gay or lesbian people are usually very bad and vilify us.

The Editor is Heath Harrison.

I encourage you all to write to the FairFax board of directors and let them know such reporting is not acceptable and increases the suicide rate for young people.

The address for them is

You need to make it clear to them you are not happy and demand they take action against the editor of the Border Mail. The paper does not publish all the articles online. I think they are encouraging the local poofta bashers to punch that much harder.

The Matt Prices of the world will always exist. The School publishing the newsletter and the local paper publishing follow up hate articles makes me scared the same thing will happen to my new partner of 8 years. I just cannot go through what I went through before. I still miss Danny every day. It is shame all these years later people still publish such hate and incite such violence.

Thanks for all your support,


Anonymous said...

Mr Price is not a biggot or a hater of homosexuals, he is an undiganosed schizophrenic whose family are trying to get him the help he needs

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