Thursday, October 1, 2009

Catholic Declaration in Support of Marriage Equality

The Religious Coalition for the Freedom to Marry has begun a petition for faithful Roman Catholics who believe what the court did on May 6th to legalize same-sex civil marriage in Maine was right and helped end discrimination in marital matters.

The group believes in the Catholic principles of diversity and social justice, as well as the crucial separation of matters between church and state. The group is not asking the church to change its policy on marriage sacrament, but to merely not interfere with attempts to create civil marriage recognition.

Sign the Catholic declaration in support of Marriage Equality.


Fr. Marty Kurylowicz said...

Marriage Equality = Increases Our Human Potential

I think Marriage Equality is bringing the LGBT population to a healthy state mind and well-being, where it belongs. I think in truth and soon more significantly by research we are going to find that the general population is more LGBT as a whole, than not.

I say this from being a bartender, priest, pastor, psychologist and now an activist of the LGBTI people. My life has always been surrounded by a diversity of people. Researchers show us that components of human sexuality are on continuums. This means that nearly everyone is a mixture of LGBT components to some degree.

And the harsh ignorant antiLGBTI social and religious norms just keeps us separated from one another because of what we cannot accept in our themselves.

With all due respect, it is without a question that Bishop Malone of Maine would not be able to pass graduate course exams on human sexuality, sexual orientation, and gender identity or biblical studies. Prove me wrong!!!

And if Bishop Malone cannot pass these exams today, than before God he needs to publically retract what he said against Marriage Equality. If not, then Bishop Malone needs to go back to the seminary to study moral theology.

Educating people about the complexities that make up human sexuality that each person is a unique mixture of components of LGBTI, it will, for one, increase the human potential in the world by leaps and bounds, finding cures of all kinds of diseases and much more.

The best thing to do for the well-being and safety of all children would be if people against Marriage Equality spent their money to academically study human sexuality, sexual orientation, gender identity and the bible. This is what children need the truth. People speaking out on such life and death issues should not speak out of ignorance and fear, thus spreading hatred and violence that indiscriminately is severely harmful to all children.

My name is Fr. Marty Kurylowicz, I came out publicly, as a gay priest to my parishioners in March 1997. Sparta, Michigan (Grand Rapids, MI). I did so because I felt a strong moral obligation to draw attention to the serious harm caused to very young children who grow up to be gay, who are raised in social environments influenced by antigay social and religious norms.

I have started a project called the “Thalamus Center” to continue to this advocacy for children to stop this type of child abuse.

CrackerLilo said...

This is really terrific. We need all the allies we can get, and it's nice to see people using their religion as a means to further social justice rather than a means to prevent it.

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