Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Dr. Phil Begins Attempt at LGBT Inclusivity and Positive Coverage

Dr. Phil whom we have called out on numerous occasions for his continued shows featuring biphobic, homophobic, and transphobic titles, topics, and guests may finally be turning the tide. Our continued efforts at demanding positive LGBT coverage seem to be paying off.

According to GLAAD Dr. Phil has consulted with them on how to deal with the topic of bisexuality on his upcoming show "Relationship Surprises" in which guests discuss their sexuality. Guests on that show include a clinical social worker who sits on the board of the American Institute of Bisexuality, and HLN's Jane Velez who is a lesbian.

"You may think you know your loved ones, but could they be hiding a secret that would shock you? Jane Velez-Mitchell, host of HLN’s Issues with Jane Valez-Mitchell and author of the new book, iWant, opens up about her struggles with alcoholism and sexual identity. Learn how she came to terms with being a lesbian, how she revealed her sexuality on a radio show and how it affects her loved ones. And, Barbara, 39, knew she was gay at the age of 13, but ever since having a child via in vitro fertilization, she finds herself having doubts. What is behind her shift in sexuality? And, a mother of a teen claiming to be bisexual wants to know if it’s just a phase. Is she harming her daughter by not supporting her sexual identity?" (Dr Phil)
This is a giant leap in the right direction, and we will continue monitoring Dr. Phil's show closely.

In the mean time...

Send your comments to Dr. Phil praising him for trying to be LGBT inclusive.

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