Friday, October 30, 2009

"No to Hate Crimes" Day of Action

Tonight starting at 9pm through to 9pm on Saturday, an internet campaign created by Act on Principles is happening to demonstrate worldwide support for ending hate crimes.

For just two minutes of your time this October 30th, take a moment to light a candle and stand in silence. You can be together with big or small groups in your public square, in your neighborhood, in front or your city hall or you can be in your room in front of your altar.

Then, take a of photo of the candle you light and post it as your Facebook or other social networking profile pic for the next 24 hours. This is to make a further visual statement saying NO TO HATE CRIMES.

Light a candle. Be silent for 2 minutes. Remember those hurt and lost to us by hate crimes. Stand and say NO TO HATE CRIMES.


home staging Toronto said...

I like this idea. It is just a moral support, though usually it is the most valuable one. I hope in those two minutes of silence people will not just concentrate on standing silent, but also take their time to think about the issue of hate crimes and the importance of elimination of such crimes with all means that could be used for this purpose. Ella

BiphobiaFighter said...

Is it just for me, or is "NO TO HATE CRIMES" ambiguous? I wasn't initially sure whether it was against hate crimes happening, or if it was against hate crime legislation. Their website makes it clear it's against the former, but it could have been clearer with the slogan.

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