Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New Washington Referendum 71 (Domestic Partnerships) Ad

Charlene Strong’s partner Kate Fleming, died in 2006. While Kate was in the hospital, Charlene was initially denied access to see her. This is why approving Washington’s Referendum 71 is so important, and it’s why it’s important that this ad goes on the air.

Donate, volunteer, and spread the word with Washington Families Standing Together. Washington VOTE YES on ref 71!

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CrackerLilo said...

Thank you, Charlene Strong, for channeling your pain to such a positive end. This is my nightmare right here, because my wife was almost not allowed to see me in the hospital a couple years ago after I'd surfed into a sailboat, even though she and my friends took me to the ER. I screamed and cried and caused a scene until a sympathetic nurse made the doctor relent, and then I immediately passed out. (I didn't even remember doing that until my wife, the nurse, and two friends told me.) Not everyone can do that.

I remember telling this story to a couple of people who are against SSM, and being told, "Maybe you should just give up surfing." I guess it's as easy for a non-surfer to tell a surfer to "just" give up her hobby as it is for a homophobic straight person to tell a queer one to "just" give up the love of her life. And things happen *everywhere*. One of us could as easily be hit by a bus, knock on wood. Kate Fleming was at home, working, living her life and minding her business.

Death takes you when it will. It is inevitable. But prejudice, and horrible treatment because of prejudice, is NOT. We can fight that! We must fight that!

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