Friday, October 16, 2009

Dozens of WBC Counter Protests in San Diego this Weekend!

The Westboro Baptist Church AKA "God Hates Fags" will be protesting at several institutions throughout San Diego 10/16 through 10/19. They will hold homophobic, anti-semitic, and anti-catholic signs at their over 30 stops.

The San Diego Gay and Lesbian News has a sign up sheet with the 30 locations, and is asking people to join them in peaceful demonstrations against the group.

Among the groups stops are high schools, synagogues, and churches. Volunteer to spread the message of love and acceptance at one or multiple locations.


MyGayGo said...

Thanks for letting us in on this... I tweeted this on our account.

Merlyn said...

I wish I lived out there so I could attend. My thoughts and best wishes to all who participate. Fred Phelps is disgusting!

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