Saturday, February 6, 2010

Col. Oliver North Defends DADT and Compares Gays to Pedophiles

Retired Colonel Oliver North and now Fox News political commentator has come out with outrageous anti-gay comments in an effort to support the military's Don't Ask Don't Tell policy barring openly gay and lesbian service members.

North in an interview with Sean Hannity of Fox News and through a column at Town Hall has called the repeal of the policy an experiment on "military lab rats" He goes on to make an outrageous comparison between gays and pedophiles.

How can he compare adults who love each other and want to serve their country to people who sexually abuse children? This is a disgusting and offensive suggestion and he must be taken to task.

Oliver North can be emailed regarding his article on Town Hall here.

Sean Hannity can be contacted here for featuring this piece.


crow said...

These comments that North has made are unacceptable in social discourse. Had he made the same sort of comments about Jews, Blacks, or other historical minorities who had to endure insulting references in the past---but certainly not today---he would have lost his television position immediately, no questions asked. But because gays still endure this behavior, ignorant people continue to say any outrageous thing they want about gays. Why not? Gays do not make them accountable. Their response is "to let it go." It is time to begin some lawsuits and hold these bigots accountable for what they say.

Anonymous said...

Canada and many other Nato national have openly gay soldiers.
Canada's had 136 soldier die in Afganistan. Canada has had Gay marriage for years. Perhaps the United States is 3rd world idiots like this fool that makes the world laugh at this Nation of Republican renecks and Religions freaks! Go away with dinasours.

Anonymous said...

North, you are a "traitor" and a disgrace to the Corps and all who have ever served! You are a classic example of everything a true Marine is not! If you had served in under my command you would not be here!

Anonymous said...

I am tired of commentators spouting unsupported opinions which are taken as fact by the listeners who do not think for themselves and question those opinions. We are becoming a nation of sheep. I find it curious that openly allowing gays to serve effects "readiness, recruiting and retention" when I seem to remember other countries allow gay citizens to serve in their militaries without negative impact.

Anonymous said...

Nothing surprises me - we've had this kind of disgusting comment here in Northern Ireland in the past comparing homosexuality with pedophiles; it was from our one and only Iris Robinson - now an ex MP after we found out she had an afair with a recently bereaved teenager whom she befriended!

Anonymous said...

With recent technology advancements, like Youtube, one's legacy lives years after one dies. North's negative, myopic, hurtful sentiments will blemish his record for all eternity. For the first time in history, at the click of a button, your hate speech is accessible, and everyone in the universe will point to you as disgraceful and ignorant. Your children will have to change their names, and you will be the laughing stock for ages to come. Why, why do people do this?

libhom said...

North should have gone to prison.

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