Wednesday, February 24, 2010

NCAA Pulls Right-Wing Conservative Ads

2/24: Under pressure from LGBT activists the NCAA has decided to rescind the Focus on the Family ad.

"The decision by the NCAA came in response to vocal protests from a small number of advocates for gay and lesbian athletes, who complained that the group's views that homosexuality and abortion are immoral are inconsistent with the NCAA's stated nondiscrimination policy. 'Focus on the Family did have a banner ad on Today, it was decided to remove the ad from the website as a result of concerns expressed by our membership,' Bob Williams, an NCAA spokesman, said via e-mail late Tuesday." (Towleroad)

2/23: The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is running ads on their website for the anti-gay, anti-choice 'Focus on the Family' organization. The organization has recently aired an anti-choice ad during the Super Bowl.

The NCAA has a non-discrimination policy covering sexual orientation. Demand these advertisements be retracted by the association.

You can reach the NCAA via:

Call NCAA Public Relations: 317-917-6762
Call NCAA Main Number: 317-917-6222
Email NCAA Public Relations:

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Lee Wind, M.Ed. said...

Hey, that's really cool. Focus on the Family advocates discrimination, and that's NOT cool. Giving them the ad space at the NCAA site was a mistake, and I'm happy that it was corrected. Running someone's ad is tacit approval of their message, and the NCAA should know better. Now it does! Thanks for sharing this!

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