Saturday, February 27, 2010

Racist/Homophobic NC State Senator Refuses to Meet Constituents

North Carolina State Senator Jim Forrester (R-Gaston) has a history of anti-gay and anti-POC statements and actions. His first order of business for the past six years has been filing an amendment to ban same-sex marriage.

He has made anti-gay and anti-black remarks such as:

"Slick city lawyers and homosexual lobbies and African American lobbies are running Raleigh"

A local chapter of the LGBT advocacy group Parents and Friends of Lesbians & Gays(PFLAG) wanted to have a face to face meeting with the senator but he is rejecting that invitation.

"I doubt I will go to the meeting, but I appreciate the invitation anyhow," Forrester said. "I don't think it would be a constructive meeting. I think it would just increase animosity toward me, and I don't want that" (Pam's Houseblend).

Demand that Senator Forrester meet with his diverse constituency. He represents LGBT and African American populations and must do the job he was elected to do.

James Forrester
District: 41
Counties Represented: Gaston, Iredell, Lincoln

NC Senate
16 W. Jones Street, Room 1129
Raleigh, NC 27601-2808
(919) 715-3050


Anonymous said...

I live in Orange County California and I can't even get my congressman to return an email. At least Boxer and Feinstien send me pre-written policy letters, useless and not on point, but at least they respond. Many of the republicans don't see us as part of their country.

Anonymous said...

What a piece Yeah, let's go with that 4 letter word. He must not be up for re-election this year. What a tool. Shows exactly what he thinks of not only the gay community, the african american community, and the legal community, but also his opinion of the folks who voted for him - who may even be members of the first three groups. If nothing else, this should be ane eye and mind opener come next election day. Six years of this should have been enough about six years ago. Elect someone who is willing to lsten, even if s/he disagrees with what's being said. Willing to be open minded.

libhom said...

Republicans are really bad about refusing to meet with constituents that they disagree with.

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