Monday, February 15, 2010

Four Iowa Democrats Attempt to Force Vote on Marriage Ban

The Iowa House and Senate with a large Democratic majority has succesfully eliminated attempts by conservative members who want to vote on eliminating same-sex marriage. Among those who attempted to force a vote to ban gay marriage are four Democrats who went against their own party! The legislation has failed but came within 3 votes of being passed.

Please contact the four Democrats who attempted to force a vote to ban gay marriage:

Dennis Black of Grinnell

Keith Kreiman of Bloomfield

Rich Olive of Story City

Joe Seng of Davenport

Call the Senate switchboard at 515-281-3371 to speak with these representatives.


Queers United said...

Here is my letter to the gang of four.

I am shocked that you voted against your own party and tried to attempt a ban on marriage equality. The Supreme Court has decided this and found that a ban is unconstitutional. The majority of Iowans support marriage equality, and polls show that they consider the issue settled and do not want to revisit it.

When do we the people get to vote on your marriage? Or better yet get to vote you out of office for your blatant attempt at bigotry.

Dakotahgeo said...

This is going to go round and round until the people who support a marriage are voted out of office, or just plain die. Their time cannot come soon enough!

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