Sunday, February 21, 2010

Open Forum: Is the GOP Becoming the Gay Old Party?

The Republican party and the Conservative movement has not been known for their pro-gay stance. On the contrary they are known as touting "traditional family values" and promoting the concept of marriage as solely between one man and one woman. Many republicans also want to deny gays the right to serve their country, and be protected from hate crimes and employment discrimination. The Grand Old Party (GOP) has often used the issue of homosexuality as a wedge issue and a scare tactic to rile up their conservative Christian base.

Lately there has been some indication that many in the movement no longer want to be aligned with the anti-gay politics and bigotry associated with the right-wing. The younger generation of Republicans have grown up in a culture more tolerant of homosexuality, they have gay friends, have seen the subject brought up on TV and in movies and feel differently than their parents do on the issue. Take for example Meghan McCain daughter of failed Presidential candidate John McCain who is an ardent supporter of LGBT rights and marriage equality. Former Republican Governor Christine Whitman has told the GOP to remove same-sex marriage opposition from the party platform. Even lifelong Republican and Fox News contributor Margaret Hoover has joined the fight for marriage equality.

The people above are only a few examples of conservative individuals who have spoken out in favor of equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people. Many other young voices are urging for the party to stop divisive attempts at silencing gay people in favor of promoting a more libertarian point of view of tolerance and freedom for all.

Over the weekend the Conservative Political Action Conference(CPAC) met and while the views are far from gay friendly, even in this conservative bastion change appears to be at hand. As insignificant as it may seem, allowing the GOProud a gay conservative group to table and sponsor the event was a big and controversial deal.

Take a look at what happened when anti-gay bigot Ryan Sorba spoke poorly of CPAC for allowing GOProud to attend:

He was booed for criticizing CPAC for allowing GOProud to attend. The room full of conservatives stood in support of CPAC's decision.

Is there a wave of change coming in the conservative movement? Are these just a few voices or is this indicative of a much larger revolution within the party? Perhaps the conservative movement is realizing that the younger generation do not see homosexuality as a political issue and the political tide is turning.


CrackerLilo said...

Part of me thinks the members of GOProud may as well have the word "Welcome" tattooed on their backs and start sleeping on their stomachs. That said, I definitely see a need for this and similar organizations. We talk about how diverse the LGBT community is--well, some of us are fiscal conservatives, or foreign policy hawks, or pro-life. Also, as for younger straight conservatives who may be conflicted about LGBT civil rights issues, the older social conservatives will most certainly be trying to get to them. We need LGBT conservatives reaching them, too.

I think ultimately that it would be good to have competition for the LGBT vote, or at least not have to choose between two evils. I think some competition would make the Democratic party work harder for our vote.

planet trans said...

We elect dems who fight tooth and nail against LGBT rights and now the GOP is showing love? The worlds gone mad!!! Its a good sign!

Anonymous said...

Refreshing to say the least, now let's hope the movement only grows.

libhom said...

If you listen to the audio, you will find that more people cheered and applauded than booed him. A few people booed him very loudly, but they were the minority.

Every few years, a small number of Republicans call on their party to be less homophobic, and it never amounts to anything. Racism, misogyny, and heterosexism are core values of that hate group that calls itself a political party.

Anonymous said...

This Guy, Ryan Sorba is surely GAY!!!
Why is he is so afraid? Could it be
that he is deep in the closet and wants to
appear mocho? He is certaily far from mocho!!!
First time I saw him and heard him lash out about
the Gays, I immediately said "this guy is hiding something"!!! Yes his gayness. Come guy admit your desires. Nothing wrong with being honest.

Queers United said...

My suspicion that change is happening has been further confirmed by the CPAC poll done this weekend. Out of all the issues stopping gay marriage ranks second to last as a priority. They care about every other issue and not the "traditional marriage" battle.

Leo Murrieta said...

I'm glad that the LGBT vote isnt a one party option, but i know that tie GOP isnt going to suddenly drop its anti-gay planks. I'm on the board of the Stonewall Dems of Southern Nevada, and i just know that we are better off with the Dems!

Leo Murrieta
Stonewall Dems

Anonymous said...

queer issues aside
What is the Republican platform? Lower taxes, lower deficits, and the war on terror. Sorry can't have all three.

Anonymous said...

ryan sorba has that metrosexual look. definitely gay!!!

Bill H said...

Meanwhile, what have the Dems done lately? DADT is still in place, DOA is still in place, ENDA hasn't passed, and there's no mention of gay marriage anywhere. Yes, keep voting for the Dems! They are FILLED with hope and change...

Chris M. said...

"numike said...
queer issues aside
What is the Republican platform? Lower taxes, lower deficits, and the war on terror. Sorry can't have all three."

I agree that Republicans who do support The War on Terror are hypocritical, and I find the War on Terror idea to be horrible. However, there is nothing wrong with lower taxes, lower deficits, and smaller government.

The problem lies with the fact Republicans are not for smaller Government anymore than Dems are.

It is a Two side of the same coin kinda deal. Neither of them are for real Freedom/Liberty for all. They are just for Freedom/Liberty of certain people, and against it for others.

Man, times like this I am glad I am a libertarian-socialist!

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