Thursday, February 25, 2010

Word of the Gay: "Stone Femme"

A "stone femme" is a very effeminate woman who assumes the passive role in a relationship between two women.


Anonymous said...

Effeminate? mean feminine?

Anonymous said...

stone femmes are usually tops who don't like to reciprocate. this definition is wrong

Unknown said...

"stone femmes are usually tops who don't like to reciprocate. this definition is wrong"

Stone Femme can have multiple meanings...that's the issue sometimes w/ various terms such as these.

Lisa said...

Yes, people disagree about whether or not a "stone femme" is a femme who is herself stone, or a femme who prefers to partner with stone lovers.

Moreover, "reciprocation" is a fraught term when you are talking about stone. Reciprocation doesn't need to mean that acts are identical. And being receptive or penetrated doesn't mean being passive.

LezFemme said...

I'm a stone femme. For me it means that I am not comfortable with my genitals having things done to them.
As to the femme definition. Of the people I know it is commonly referred to a woman who is feminine. Think of a lesbian butch-femme couple. One likes to wear dresses, make-up, in general look pretty. She's the femme. The other wears only jeans, very often a baseball cap, what may be thought of as male clothing. She is often beautiful but does nothing that the femme would do to dress that up so to speak. She's the butch.
To the reciprocating part. I like to give pleasure. That is how I get pleasure but having my partners in rapt pleasure.

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