Thursday, April 2, 2009

Schubert Flint Public Affairs Continues Anti-Gay Marriage Ads

Schubert Flint Public Affairs is an advertising agency that created many of the ads that helped proposition 8 pass in California, leading to same-sex marriage rights being taken away in the state.

The "National Organization for Marriage" an anti-gay think tank, is continuing their relationship with the ad agency in an attempt to further erode marriage rights for same-sex couples.

I will not give NOM the pleasure of linking to their videos but I can tell you that they are using the typical fear tactics in their messages such as:

“Legalizing gay marriage has consequences for kids.”

Another ad is backed by an unnerving repeated beep that sounds like an EKG on the fritz in an ICU. Someone could die! The ad warns that if legislators pass a marriage equality bill, soon children “will be thinking the unthinkable.”

Join The Power in telling Schubert Flint Public Affairs to stop profiting off of hate.

Frank Schubert -

Jeff Flint-


Lyndon Evans said...

That's okay I put up their latest TV spot on LGBT Rainbow Links Newscenter.

The more people see what we're up against the more they are informed.

Ceara said...

Ugh...what gets me is why do people still use feat tactics. And why do people still believe them. People need to get out and educate themselves.


Anonymous said...

The whole 'children' argument smacks of hypocrisy. So what if they have to hear that sometimes a man loves a man, or a woman a woman. It has been going on for thousands and thousands of years, across almost every species.

The root of all the anti-gay screeds comes down to disgust for the sexual acts seen as 'unnatural'.

My other favorite is the "Parts don't fit argument." To paraphrase Gay Moralist John Corvino "Oh yes they do."

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