Wednesday, April 2, 2008

As The World Turns. Progressive or Fearful?

The CBS show As the World Turn's made a big step in TV history by being the first show to have a continuous gay male couple cast. The couple has been seen kissing on the air twice. Since that point anti-gay activist organizations like the "American Family Association" a rightwing Christian thinktank has sent out action alerts to CBS and their sponsor Procter & Gamble. The show has now not shown much affection between the gay couple while straight couples do indeed physically engage on air.

You may ask yourself why is this an action alert, why is this important? The fact is anytime there is gay visibility the community is either making strides forward or backward pending on how the LGBTQ community is displayed in the media.

Please contact CBS and let them know that pandering to anti-gay bigots is wrong and that you want to see more of the gay couple being romantic.


*Photo by Cstardust off of Creative Commons.

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Anonymous said...

Noah(one of the gay characters) asserted, due to the conditions of the script taking place, that he doesn't need to kiss in public because Luke(his boyfriend) already knows he loves him. Since their private life is no longer represented in the script, instead theres a three-way interaction between them and Ameera(newly arrived iraqui character), my guts and their catering to everyone(including the substantially big group of the AFA and its affiliates) tell me that they will not be seen kissing by the real public anytime soon.

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