Thursday, April 24, 2008

Open Forum: Heterosexual Priviledge

I wanted to create an open forum for us to discuss ways that heterosexual privledge influences our lives and how we feel we can overcome it.

Gay people know all too well that we take a risk and we face a decision when we display affection in public, come out as Queer, talk about our significant other, or even just being who we are with regards to our gender expression.

How do you feel about heterosexual privledge, people who don't need to think twice about their actions, and how can we make the world a safer and more tolerant place for us?


Queers United said...

Sometimes, ok, often, I get very mad or even jealous when I see straight couples holding hands, kissing, etc. Part of me wants to scream "don't foist your lifestyle on me" just to let them know how I feel. The other part of me is why would I say that to anyone when I feel everyone should be allowed to be able to express love? I get frustrated because I want to express my outrage while being able to remain calm and make a valid point to people. I guess the only way to truely make a difference is to be the difference you want to see, and so if I do hold my boyfriends hand I sometimes take a risk that someone may not like it.

Anonymous said...

I think the best way to overcome heterosexual privilege is to just be open in public with your boyfriend/girlfriend. Hold hands, peck each other on the cheek, kiss. Simple visibility is the best way for the public at large to learn that being gay is a non-issue, something that isn't worth feeling threatened by or worked-up over. Of course, not everyone is comfortable with PDAs but if the only reason you are afraid is out of fear of violence or verbal abuse, I think you should go ahead and not be afraid. Even holding hands, or just walking close enough that it's obvious you're a couple is enough. Simply being yourself all the time is not shoving your sexuality down other's throats, and it's the only way people who don't have openly gay friends will see gay relationships for real instead of only seeing the hate-speech filled debates on gay rights on TV, etc.

Anonymous said...

Why do you advertise the blog in asexual/intersex communities, place these two labels right at the top of your blog, but continuously only post items relevant only to an LG(sometimes-B) readership?

Queers United said...

This is a mostly political and activist blog and there aren't nearly as many activist alerts to put out for asexual/intersexual rights. I do however post on asexuality and intersexuality and encourage you to goto the issues page and search out those posts. If you know of any action alerts or political things that can be done on behalf of asexuals/intersexuals I would be thrilled to post about it.

Queers United said...

Hello anonymous reader, I just wanted to let you know that I took your feedback seriously. It is very hard to find asexual/intersexual political, activist material. Believe me I'd love to post about it more often. Anyways, I did think up some stuff and just posted one on Asexuality and will have one on Intersexuality to follow shortly. Thanks for your feedback and please as always if you know something of activist concern or a way to raise awareness about either communities, let me know!

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