Thursday, April 10, 2008

Fox News "Red Eye's" Vicious Trans Bashing

The Fox News program "Red Eye" has engaged in the most vile reporting and discussion panel on the pregnant trans-male Thomas Beatie who appeared on Oprah last week. These transphobic individuals refer to Mr. Beatie as a "he-she", refer to him as a "she", "a creature", and one panelist hopes "she kills herself, and her blood vessels pop out during pregnancy".

Watch the video, this is just appalling folks...

Please contact Red Eye and tell them how you will boycott their disgusting transphobic program:


Phone Fox News: 1-888-369-4762


Anonymous said...

Why is the criticism of someone who simultaneously wants to be known and respected as a male and as a mother now a "trans bashing."

Is trans-phobia now to be defined as opposition to anything any transsexual does?

Anonymous said...

Wow. Right from the beginning it was disgusting. It only pushes the idea that trans people are freaks instead on real people.

Anonymous said...

The only things said that I see could be offensive is calling him 'a creature' and Bill calling the child 'an Ewok'. The woman seemed to be taking a feminist perspective on how men couldn't handle childbirth and Greg was commenting on how regrettably in the bast such news was circus material while they went on to ponder the effects of large hormone supplement affects on a child in utero.

For the record the lady that said the edgy things did not wish "she kills herself" she stated that she wished "she'd want to kill herself" because for some odd reason (most likely her feelings on someone considered a man in the eyes of the state) wants the childbirth to be as painful as all other childbirths.

MercuryChaos said...

He does not want to be "known and respected" as a mother, but as a father. The fact that he's the one carrying the pregnancy doesn't change the fact that he's going to be this kid's father.

Anonymous said...

i feel sick and scared watching this and even more scared that people who have previously commented don't pick up on the hatred that this show spews. Absolutely sick and hateful. very very sad.

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