Saturday, April 5, 2008

Immigration Equality for Same-Sex Couples

Write your senators and congressional representatives to support S. 1328/H.R. 2221, the Uniting American Families Act - legislation that will finally grant qualified same-sex couples equal access to our country's most basic immigration rights. This bill is sponsored by Congressman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) and Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT).

Currently bi-national couples are not considered a family and thus do not have the same rights as heterosexuals when it comes to immigration rights. These couples currently face tremendous fear and discrimination at the expense of the lack of protections.

Use the following Human Rights Campaign form to contact your representatives:

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Anonymous said...

Well, It is incredible that there are people that discriminate others in the name of their religion or personal beliefs. This kind of attitude show how primitive they can be, and how similar or close they are to the middle age instead. It is not time to burn people on big fires, or discriminate people at their own pace! What a monstrous thing!! How can the US allow such discrimination to happen if it is supposed to protect everyone and give them equal rights?? Alright... So the US constitution should change their amendment, and write something more realistic, such as: "everyone has the same rights, as long as they are not gays, or any other minority group that we hate and reject" or "everyone has equal rights, but the following groups that we do not consider people:...". And what is worse than that is that even if a law is enacted, it takes forever to take action, or the government creates them, but do not enforce. that is probably why racism ("equal but different" )has remained for so long! ...I thought the constitution was to protect everyone, including minorities, and the Justices were to give them rights. Although democracy exits, some laws should be determined by lawmakers (I mean Justices that act reasonable and do not involve any personal beliefs to their decisions). Voting to decide whether minorities have rights to marriage/family unit rights shall never be determined by common people. The constitution itself was not written by common people... they were lawmakers, with a great capacity to determine things and create this great country. They were so much intelligent, that the US constitution became an example to the world. And now, If people vote against gay marriage/rights, this country will have a shameful amendment (just like the alcohol one) that will be void in the future. If people think gays should marry or not is not their decision-making process. Let gays decide themselves. It is shameful that this current president has acted so unconstitutionally and disrespectfully against minorities with NO compelling interests to justify such attitude. The only intelligent thing (and mean too) he has done was to suggest the "voting process" to make it look more democratic or fair. He knows that common people are not to decide certain things. Put on the ballots: "Should discrimination or slavery exist?" I believe that many people will vote favorably, and it would definitely become law again... Minorities are minorities…they are not a lot of people that would have power to fight against disrespect themselves. The “fathers” knew much about minorities that the US State voting process try to protect and give the same amount of power among all the US States, no matter how big, small, populated or not. I don’t know why the US has not kept the “founding fathers” principles. Gays are not allowed to marry here; and they are not even allowed to constitute their families the way they want because of prejudice and discrimination. How can US citizens be forced to decide whether to live here or move from the US because their partners are barred to stay in the country? Should legitimate “non-conventional” marriages or relationships be allowed to exist in the US only if they find a friend of an opposite-sex to fake a marriage in order to have their partners (and themselves) living happily here? Does the US want people to act “illegally” because they do not offer any remedy to this situation/ rights to gay people to have their partners? What are gays supposed to do then? If they tell the truth to “immigration” they will be unfairly prohibited from having their partners here, and many times, US citizens would have to move out of the country to live with them overseas. Well, if shame marriages are not to ever exist, what can US homosexuals do to apply for rights to their partners here? How can US gays act legally then? Please, let us know a solution.

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