Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Organization Spotlight: Intersex Society of North America

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I am introducing a new type of posting that I will be doing from time to time which is highlighting organizations that serve the Queer community, these are organizations which have resources for us, advocate for us, and are worth checking out and donating to.

Today, I wanted to give a shout out to the Intersex Society of North America (ISNA) which works tirelessly for the rights of intersexual individuals (people born with ambiguous genitalia who are not male or female). ISNA advocates for change within the medical establishment which currently deals with intersex children by assigning them a gender the doctor and parents feel is reflective of the child. The child often undergoes "cosmetic surgery". Intersexual children face many difficulties later in life such as gender identity issues, depression, and suicidal tendencies because of these surgeries. ISNA advocates for allowing the child to choose their gender and to make the decision if they want surgery as an adult. Many people choose to remain intersexual and not undergo surgery and can live healthy and productive lives. Please check out their website and learn more about Intersexuality, and what you can do to to be a better advocate for this community!

Intersex Society of North America

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Anonymous said...

ISNA hardly deserves a "shout out" for what it has achieved (or more to the point, what it never achieved) for intersex people.

In fact the organization closed its doors in 2008 after getting rid of its intersex membership.

The academics and medicos who were left running ISNA and comprising what was left of its membership then turned ISNA into the Accord Alliance, effectively an anti-intersex organization that promotes everything ISNA allegedly stood against. WTF?

In the final analysis, ISNA was a complete and utter disgrace, a tragedy, a failure and an utter betrayal of intersex people.

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