Thursday, April 24, 2008

Join in Pressuring John McCain

Influential right-wing conservative pastor John Hagee has endorsed John McCain for president, the mainstream media has ignored the controversial and radical comments by this leader. Pastor Hagee has said hurricane Katrina was God's punishment for an upcoming gay pride parade that was scheduled. He has made bigoted comments against the Catholic church as well. is protesting John McCain's visit to Louisiana today and calling on him to speak out against these anti-gay, bigoted viewpoints.

Please sign the MoveOn petition and hold John McCain accountable for his allegiance to this homophobe

Video of his hateful rhetoric:

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Queers United said...

John McCain was questioned about his association with the pastor and he said "this is nonsense". Not sure if he is referring to the allegation as nonsense or his comments. He should come out and publicly denounce the comments and not approve of this radicals endorsement.

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