Friday, October 31, 2008

Keep Your Friends Close, and Your Enemies Closer...

On this Halloween night nothing is scarier and spookier than evil anti-queer organizations working tirelessly to take away our rights and tear our families apart.

As activists it is important that we are united in our efforts, know who we can count on and what we can feasibly achieve. Likewise it is also good to have a basic understanding of who your opponents are and what they are looking to achieve. So I am posting today about some of the LGBT communities biggest adversaries and those who constantly seek to make life difficult for Queer people. For obvious reasons I will not be linking to the sites of these homo-bigoted and transphobic organizations.

Americans for Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH) - Run by Peter LaBarbera this organization seeks to spread lies and deception about LGBTQ people and use scare tactics in discussing the "radical homosexual or transsexual agenda". This organization seeks to paint Queer people as depraved, ill, radical individuals who are seeking to topple society by any means necessary.

American Family Association (AFA) - One of the largest organizations promoting "family values" and right-wing Christian ideology. They are opposed to same-sex marriage, civil unions, domestic partnerships and hate crime legislation for LGBT people. They have millions of members, church affiliates, media outlets, and a huge budget and political power to lobby congress.

Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) - They are a right-wing advocacy and legal group. They are opposed to all topics of homosexuality including marriage, adoption, education, safe-sex ed, military service, etc. They seek to be involved in litigation, and offer what they call the "Day of Truth" to counter the "Day of Silence" and educate about the dangers of homosexuality and its sinfulness.

Focus on the Family (FOF) - A non-profit Evangelical group focused on conservative issues. It is also countering the so called "gay agenda" by fighting against marriage, adoption, hate crimes, and seeking to "cure" homosexuals through their "Love Won Out" program.

Family Research Council
(FRC) - A "family values" right-wing christian thinktank founded by James Dobson and now led by Tony Perkins. They oppose any form of recognition of same-sex relationships. They attempt to misinform the public that there is a connection between pedophilia and homosexuality. They sponsor a "Values Voters" summit with major political power and clout.

Exodus International - This is an organization that seeks to "cure" people of homosexuality. They encourage people to "leave the homosexual lifestyle" and claim that "freedom is possible through the power of Jesus Christ". They offer resources for "reparative therapy" which is bogus therapy not endorsed by the American Psychological Association or American Medical Association and claim they have converted thousands of people yet cannot substantiate any of these claims. The "ex-gay" movement is a sham and harmful. Exodus is the largest of these groups.

National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality
(NARTH) - An organization whose mission is to advocate for conversion therapy in changing the sexual orientation of LGB people. Narth seeks to change the 1973 decision by the American Psychological Association to no longer consider homosexuality a mental illness. NARTH seeks to provide education, resources, and advocacy for their bogus "ex-gay" agenda. The organization claims to be secular but is often partnered up with religious thinkers and faith-based organizations.

Concerned Women of America
(CWA) - A right-wing "women's organization" dedicated to promoting "biblical values". In addition to other conservative issues they are fiercely opposed to gay rights and have fought against bills like the "Equal Rights Amendment" and "Employment Non-Discrimination Act". They also seek to make it difficult for LGBT groups to implement anti-bullying initiatives.

There are so many more organizations but I named a couple of the big players, it is important to know who is working against us. It is important to keep an eye on what they are doing so we can counter their radical unfamily value like agenda.


Anonymous said...

I also believe it is hypocritical for a blogger/activist to criticize someone and then link to them, and in the knowing that doing so serves to increase web traffic and revenue.

Those who engage in this practice need to be vetted as well.

CrackerLilo said...

I disagree with ng; I understand why you don't want to give them traffic and respect your stance, but sometimes bloggers want to give the source so others can see it. Ex-Gay Watch and Fundie Watch do this; I trust them and don't find them hypocritical in the least. I think they are being fair. (A Google search would also increase their web traffic.) Sometimes I do it too, just because I figure there's nothing to fear from it and I want people to see what I'm talking about. Sometimes the traffic goes both ways, too!

Have you seen the vitriol coming from these groups today and yesterday?!?! They must have had it prepared. All I can think is, "Losers walk!"

Anonymous said...

Of course it's hypocritical.

Have you checked out a particular anti-gay blogger/website webstats?

Most of their traffic comes in from pro gay websites or blogs.

There are plenty of other ways by which to source an adversary or opponent, one being copy and paste quoting, another is taking a screenshot of the particular page. Yet another is to offer the link but not make it active.

Of course it would be great to simply ignore these people and or groups, but that's easier said than done.

Queers United said...

Of all the Halloween costumes, nothing creeps me out more than James Dobson's face.

D. said...

wow i had no clue there were so many of these organizations out there.. pretty scary :/

Renee said...

Good for you, making their hating asses famous. People should be aware of exactly what these groups are and what they stand for.

As for the issue of linking, it is a fine line. Sometimes it really is best just to link so that people can see for themselves. Seeing the truth with your own eyes has a way of bringing home the truth.

Queers United said...

I hear you on the linking Renee, sometimes they are so outlandish you wanna show you are reporting accurately. I personally won't link to them but its not a policy carved in stone so who knows.

Anonymous said...

"They also seek to make it difficult for LGBT groups to implement anti-bullying initiatives."

You know, like Jesus would do.

Re: linking. If you use the rel="nofollow" tag for the link, it won't increase their google ranking. I think the traffic will still count, though.

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