Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Montana Library Chooses Not to Censor Gay Book

UPDATE:Thanks for your activism, the Montana library board voted 5-0 not to censor the gay book.

After several residents complained about the book "The Joy of Gay Sex" by Dr. Charles Silverstein and Felice Picano's, the library was considering whether to toss the book out. The number one selling guide for gay men offers advice on everything from coming out, to self esteem, and safe-sex.

Citizens against the book in the Helena Montana town object to the book on the basis that it is "immoral", there are also many people defending the book as a "resource, and on the basis that censorship is wrong".

The library board of directors made a decision to keep the book at its Oct. 21 meeting.


Anonymous said...

The Library should allow books showing how to safely smoke crack, inject meth into the veins, have sexual relations with animals, since those are all BEHAVIORS people choose, also addictions people have, just like homosexual acts are! Free yourself from sexual addiction, promiscuity, multiple partner sexcapades, polyamorous relationships, and other abominations.

Queers United said...

LOL anonymous - I know you must be struggling but you can escape the straight lifestyle. With 52% divorce rates and all the horrible things going on you need to keep up your prayer and Jesus will deliver.

I agree that the library should have books on smoking weed, crack safely. Having sex with an animal is rape and non-consensual. But choosing to act on your god given homosexuality is a blessing. I agree that you should free yourself from the sex addiction and promiscuity and multiple partnerships present in the heterosexual lifestyle.

Just don't look to any GOP politicians for advice. I will pray for you!

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