Wednesday, October 29, 2008

"The Call" for Liberation & Human Rights!

We have 6 days to go to begin a new future in this country, elect a president who respects and recognizes LGBTQ people or one who seeks to kick us to the curb. We have the chance of a lifetime to preserve marriage equality in California and to defeat the amendments that seek to ban our rights in other states. We are almost there! The opposition is mighty and invoking the name of God and religion as evidenced by the frightening yet true video below. The un-religious right is waging a war and urging for "the call" a movement of prayer and activism to restore what they deem are God's morals and virtues.

My friends, we need to stand up and be counted more than ever to defeat these lies and restore America to the beautiful nation we were founded to be. A nation of liberty and justice for all!

I don't mean to be a pest, but the opposition is flooding the airwaves with their hateful lies and are looking to raise millions more to pass prop 8. The No on 8 Equality for All campaign has said "if we don't raise an additional 3 million to combat their lies, we will likely lose." PLEASE find it in your hearts to donate if you have not, or urge a friend to do so, our lives and our liberties are at stake.

"The Call" video of right-wing Christians who seek to take away rights.

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