Sunday, October 19, 2008

Word of the Gay: "Gender Blind"

"Gender Blind" is a term used to indicate that an accommodation or activity is open to all genders. Traditionally the term used was unisex, however linguistically the term means one gender. There is an ever increasing number of "gender blind" bathrooms, college dormitories, and other facilities and services.

In some scenarios people use the expression "gender blind" to indicate that they are open to a romantic and/or sexual relationship irregardless of gender.


Anonymous said...

May I please suggest an edit to the above post? Replace "irregardless" with "regardless" or "irrespective" or both.

Queers United said...

anonymous i know irregardless is not a true word, but it is commonly used and i like it, and i think it should be made a word. after all if "doh" from the Simpsons can be a word gosh darnit so can irregardless!

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