Friday, October 24, 2008

NY Dem Senate Candidate Now Favors Marriage Equality

Joe Mesi (D) is running for the state senate seat in New York. He previously announced he was opposed to same-sex marriage but now has gone 180 on his position and announced he supports equal marriage rights for gay and lesbian couples.

This is a significant development within New York politics. The house has approved a gay marriage bill and Governor Patterson is eager to sign it. The current barrier to passing this legislation is the republican dominated senate. The GOP currently has a 31-29 slim majority. With many seats up for grabs and the majority leader Joseph Bruno (R) retiring, this could pave the way for a democratically controlled senate.

If the democrats pick up the senate this November we could very likely see a marriage bill come before the house. While not all New York state democratic senate members support marriage equality, the N.Y. democratic platform does support same-sex marriage.

If Joe Mesi gets elected it will enhance our chances of winning true marriage equality in the state.

Endorsed by the Stonewall Democrats and supported by gay philanthropists, please be sure to drop a thank you email to Joe Mesi for support marriage equality.

2001 Niagara Fall Blvd
Amherst, NY 14228
phone: 716-625-9013

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Laurie said...

Yeah, he supports it now that he needs the
support of the GLBT community...I wouldn't
trust him...That's just me though...


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