Monday, October 27, 2008

Church/State Divide, Not on Prop 8!

A reader named Elvis has emailed me to share this new video about the biggest donors to prop 8. They are religious groups violating the separation of church & state.


NG said...

The video is private.

Queers United said...

Sorry, the person who made it is fixing it, there is a slight error, but it will be up again in a few hours. I will update the video.

Anonymous said...

Supporting a political and social issue is perfectly acceptable for churches. In fact, I am glad that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has decided to stand up and stand for the preservation of marriage.

I wish you were a little more tolerant of diversity, instead of attacking a religion just because they disagree with you.

I think that you really need to learn a little bit about tolerance before asking other people to tolerate your sins.

Queers United said...

Anonymous - Churches are given tax-exempt status and tax-exempt status means no political endorsements. The church is violating this gift by the government.

What is standing up for the preservation of marriage? Continuing the 52% heterosexual divorce rate? I want to preserve marriage, hence why committed gay couples should be allowed to help their straight brothers and sisters strengthen the institution.

You talk about tolerance and diversity and are quick to label us as sinners. I am not a sinner, I am made in the image of God, and so are you. Although your lack of acceptance and your inner hate is definitely not a representation of the loving and healing God that I know.

Anonymous said...

Prop 8 supporters cannot claim to have tolerance.

Straight male here, definitely voting NO on prop 8.

Queers United said...

Thanks for your support anon, allies like yourself our critical in the civil rights battle.

Anonymous said...

The Mormon Church did not donate money. Its church MEMBERS as individuals did.

Anonymous said...

Along with a large number of Latino and African Americans. Why are they not being boycotted?

It seems like there is a lot of hatin' on the Mormons. They are for the most part being singled out. No different than discrimination against gays simply because they are gay, which is also wrong.

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