Thursday, October 30, 2008

New FtM Book - "Labor of Love"

Thomas Beatie an FtM man shocked the world in April of 2008 announcing he was pregnant. He and his wife Nancy were featured on Oprah and scored dozens of interviews about "the pregnant man." This story was beautiful, touching and highlighted the plight of female to male transsexuals and thrusted trans issues into the national spotlight in a way never seen before.

The story wasn't without controversy, as witnessed by trans-bashing done by Morning Joe, and by the Fox News show Red Eye. Even many in the transgender community were angry and afraid that this story would reflect negatively on their lives.

Well, Mr. Beatie had his baby and the sky has not fallen. The media frenzy is over, and transgender people still face misunderstanding by society, but none that has been exacerbated by "the pregnant man."

Here is a short snippet of the story provided by Queerty:

"Labor of Love chronicles Thomas Beatie’s unique life experiences: his less-than-idyllic childhood in Hawaii; his transition from female to male; his marriage to his wife, Nancy; his legal battles to live as a man; his fight to conceive a child; and the birth of their daughter, Susan, in late June. Labor of Love is a groundbreaking book because it tackles social, political, and legal questions about gender, marriage, and family. Thomas and Nancy’s uphill battle to have a baby is both fascinating and touching. They are a normal couple who wanted a family, and yet the circumstances surrounding their desire to get pregnant and their journey to get there are truly extraordinary."
I think the Beatie family has a beautiful story, and I look forward to buying their book shortly.


Laurie said...

I didn't see this as a negative thing....
It was viewed by me as love....The true
meaning of commitment....I was scared for
them....But I'm also proud :)


Nicky said...

All I see someone who wants their 15 mins of fame and not that fame is over, they still want their crappy 15 mins of fame

Anonymous said...

Nicky, I never thought I would say this, but you are 100% correct.

Thomas needs to qu1t before the pregnant man action figure is released.

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