Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Virgil Goode (R-VA) - Ties to Gay Film Eden's Curve?

Republican congressman Virgil Goode of Virginia (rated 0% on LGBT rights by HRC) is under investigation by Mike Stark of Accountability Moments and by our friend Mike Rogers of BlogActive for an earmark scandal and possible connection to gay film Eden's Curve.

BlogActive and Accountability Moments is asking us to take action:

STEP ONE: Click HERE to send an email to the state legislators in and near Goode's House district and send them this story. Ask them to ask Virgil Goode the following questions:

1. What exactly are the personal relationships between Virgil Goode, Linwood Duncan and Jerry Meadors?
2. How was this earmark connected to Linwood Duncan’s acting break?
3. How does Virgil Goode square his condemnation of gay and lesbian Americans while helping to make Eden’s Curve?
4. How many other films exploring gay issues has Virgil Goode been involved with?
5. Can we gain access to the records that document how the $150,000 earmark was spent?

STEP 2: Please help us put a copy of this movie with -- printed background information -- in every pastor's mailbox in the district. Shouldn't the right wing, family values crowd know what Virgil Goode is up to? Shouldn't voters in Goode's district want these questions answered?

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