Friday, July 31, 2009

Bill O'Reilly Mocks Genderqueer Mayor in Oregon

Fox News commentator Bill O'Reilly has long been an outspoken conservative who maintains anti-gay and transphobic viewpoints. In his latest segment he invites Megyn Kelly to discuss and ridicule Silverton, Oregon mayor Stu Rasmussen who identifies as a heterosexual transgender male for violating the city dress code in front of a presentation in front of children. The mayor fits the bill of someone who is genderqueer, preferring male pronouns, and female attire.

The segment below shows the discussion between O'Reilly and Kelly.

O'Reilly says "it's so bizarre" in referring to the story and calls Oregon a "secular progressive heaven with left-wing loons like Stu."

O'Reilly chuckles at the story, and acts surprised that "Stu has a girlfriend"

He ends with the question "do children need to be protected from the likes of Stu?"

O'Reilly acted immature and transphobic throughout the program. We do applaud Megan Kelly for not stooping down to his level and saying that "transgender people are part of society, and they are not bad people, and that people need to learn about them."

Bill O'Reilly and tell him to be ashamed for mocking Mayor Rasmussen.

Email Megyn Kelly to thank her for standing up for transgender people.


Renee said...

O'Reilly is never going to change. Notice how he played the whole protect the children line after ensuring to mock Stu throughout the entire segment? If a child needs to be protected it is from the bigoted thoughts of O'Reilly et al.

Anonymous said...

i think its fine that he wore that
kids are cruel and people can forgett that i find it hard to believe that they are making this big of a deal about this issue the real things kids need to be protected from is violence and hatred teaching them that people are different its good it builds tolerance wich kids dont have wich is why they are so cruel to things they dont understand or are different just like their parents

Vanessa Law said...

I think the skirt was a bit short for my tastes. But really, the real axe they're grinding is that she is transgendered (which the newscaster happily mis-defines).

Queers United said...

He basically just suggested that transgender means a man who likes to wear dresses. It is sad that half the country watches this buffoon and gets inaccurate info.

Anonymous said...

Stu identifies as transgendered. HE, also identifies HIMself using Male pronouns. He may not be the sterotypical transgendered person, but that doesn't mean the queer community isn't broad enough to encompass him. It sounds like it was in poor taste to show up in the clothes he did, not because it was a shirt and skirt, but because there wasn't enough fabric for a professional meeting.
THAT SAID, O'Reilly is a nut job. His worldview is sooo limited, that anything outside his narrow idea of the world is to be burried.
Bottomline: Hooray for OR and their ability to judge people for who they are and by narrow definitions of what they should be. BUT shame on Stu for not recognising inappropriate attire while representing the City. Longer skirt next time, and no visible bra straps please!

Mewi said...

Can you believe me if I say, some LGBT people don't believe me when I say bill is a homophobe?

Anonymous said...

My only issue is he* should have worn something a little classier, maybe a nice feminine business suit to the event, or maybe a full length dress, but we shouldn't chastise him* for his fashion feux pas.

*-Stu does prefer male pronouns.

Gina said...

What we need to be protected from is Bill!

Anonymous said...

Okay I agree that Bill went a bit far, but speaking as a transgender person Stu should have show more class and left the mini at home when going before children.

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